Twitter DM for Cloudwatch Alarms


Twitter Notifications

Twitter notifications for those pesky Cloudwatch alarms :)

SMS Notifications

SMS notifications for those pesky Cloudwatch alerts :)

Service Overviews

One of the things we find very useful is an overview of the resources in each service, along with the health of that service. Earlier versions of Ylastic had this functionality in a dedicated page, but that was quite cumbersome to use. You have to navigate to a specific dashboard page for the service, and that means you have to navigate away from your current page, quickly look at a few numbers, and then return back to where you were. This is a bit tedious, and unnecessarily complicated. We have a simpler and much more intuitive way to do this now in Ylastic.

On any AWS resource page (like instances, balancers, etc), you can get a quick overview of the service you are currently managing, along with the status of the service health. The numbers displayed are for ALL regions. You do not need to or have to do anything to specify a region or navigate to a region specific dashboard or anything. You want an overview, and you get exactly that, with a single click, and without changing where you are in your workflow. 


Managing your AWS cloud environment the easy way :)

AWS Cloudwatch

AWS Cloudwatch alarms are fully integrated with Ylastic and you can get notifications for any Cloudwatch alarm in any region to email, twitter or SMS. SMS can be sent to any US or most international numbers.



You can view detailed cloudwatch charts for the AWS resource for which you have an alarm, as well as a quick overview of how that resource is currently performing. You can enable/disable alarm actions, view details of each alarm, modify the alarm, view ALL the alarms in ALL the regions in one place, filter by region, filter by text.


The whole process has been simplified down to one single step. Once the alarm is integrated with Ylastic, all users in your Ylastic account will receive notification for the alarm. If any users do not want to receive notifications, they can just disable it for their user account by unselecting the notifications checkbox on the Ylastic Settings page.


You can view and filter all the notifications for every cloudwatch alarm integrated with Ylastic, along with the addresses that were used for notification. All the information is in one place, easy to access and search.


Check it out and let us know what you think!

Ylastic Redesign


Introducing the new Ylastic. Main focus was on usability, performance and simplifying all interactions with AWS. The redesign is also prep work needed for the features on our roadmap :)

Intuitive and unified look 

An interface that simplifies your interactions with the various AWS cloud services and presents an integrated overview of your environment.

Seamless multi region management

Improved management of AWS resources across regions. On any page, view all the resources in your AWS account in all regions. Filter resources by a specific region or search across all regions.

Easy to use multi factor authentication

You can now use any MFA apps on your phone - Google Authenticator, Authy, etc. Scan the QR code from the settings page with your app and you are all set. MFA is currently turned off for all users, so you can login and set it up.

Intuitive cloudwatch charts

Enhanced charting to improve usability. You can view them on the metrics page or by clicking the sparkline for any AWS resource.

Enjoy :)

Updating Ylastic

We started Ylastic a while ago, and it was one of the first management consoles for AWS. The only services in existence at that time were EC2, S3, SQS and SimpleDB had just been announced. Then AWS started growing by leaps and bounds, and they started adding new services and updating existing services at a breakneck pace. Ylastic added services and features as they were introduced. Eventually the Ylastic console became rather large with all of these updates and enhancements. It was fantastic to add all of these new things, as it really helped customers deal with AWS in an easier way.

We have taken some time to step back from the existing application, and think through how we can simplify it further and make it even more easier to use. We want to build an absolutely easy to use and intuitive management interface for AWS. We want to make things easier, so you dont need to jump through lots of hoops in order to perform a single operation on your AWS resources. So with all of that in mind, we have undertaken a complete overhaul of Ylastic, going through each and every page, and every piece of functionality we provide, and streamlining it, and making it as intuitive to use as we can. We are right in the midst of this rather large task. We are hoping to release the new ylastic within a few months. As we progress, we are going to post some of the changes we have been working on. So here is the first one - a complete rewrite of how we launch instances. The idea here is to let the user launch instances without getting completely lost in all the options. Working on refining this even more :)


S3 Spending

Updated charts in Ylastic for viewing your Amazon S3 spending. It is now easier to see the costs broken down by Normal Storage, Reduced Redundant Storage, and other operations performed on your S3 account, as well as by region where your S3 resources are being stored.



Estimated charges for Auto Scaling Groups

You can now view the estimated costs for any active auto scaling group which has instances running. An estimate is displayed for the month and for a whole year. If you are managing multiple regions inside Ylastic, the auto scaling page will display your groups from all of those regions, and the estimated costs total will be a total across the regions :)


Dashboard Updates

Ylastic now has an updated dashboard to give you a better overview of your AWS environment - the number of instances, databases, volumes, total volume size, scheduled tasks, monitors and also the estimated charges for that month. Click on any of the panels to go to the corresponding page for that resource in Ylastic. If you are a Ylastic Plus user, just click on the estimated charges panel to navigate to the spending analytics page. The resources are totaled up across ALL regions that you select to manage in Ylastic. You want to see the overview for another AWS account? As easy as selecting the account you want from a drop-down to refresh the dashboard with the overview for the newly selected account.


Manage your AWS cloud the easy way :)